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Thank you for taking an interest in my work! My name is Lindsay Boyd and I am a graphic designer in Central Ohio. I graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) where I studied Advertising and Graphic Design.​

Even though my background is in graphic arts, CCAD prepared me for all areas of fine art. Not only do I enjoy working with clay to create my Spirit Slabs, but I also love to illustrate, paint with watercolor and pencil sketch.


No matter what type of project I am working on, I'm always focused on the details. This is especially true with my slab designs. I enjoy walking around cities and college campuses hunting for an intricate and interesting chunk of architecture that I can recreate in my own way. 


The original Spirit Slab designs are hand-carved from clay, cast and then hand-painted. Each 6" x 8" slab has a wire embedded in the back for easy hanging. They are striking enough to hang alone but also look great when grouped together like tiles.

On the back of each slab is a card explaining the piece and giving a little historical information about the building that inspired it. They are all numbered and signed by the artist.

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